Laundry and ironing Service 400,- CZK

Taxi Service
Airport pick-up 800,- CZK
Pick-up from railway stations 300,- CZK
Taxi Centrum 300,- CZK
Taxi Service - depending on the destination Stefan will drive you in and around Prague

Bowling and snooker with the boys

Many of our boy hosts enjoy playing snooker or going bowling and would love to challenge any of our guests to a game or two! We will organise contests on request!

Special catering arrangements on request

All you have to do is specify your budget and our expert chefs will prepare a meal of your choice for you and your guests. A charge of 2,500 CZK is made to cover the kitchen and staff costs involved.

Guided tours of Prague

One or more of our attractive boy hosts is usually available to guide visitors around the sights of the beautiful city of Prague.